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4 min readJul 28, 2022


In this episode, Kassandra Kuehl, CEO of Evoq Beauty & Beauty Ecology Organic Salon at Beauty Ecology and COO of Unido, Michael Swan talk about Creator Economy, Web 3 and usage of blockchain within different sectors.

During her career and own healing journey, Kassandra discovered that the brain operates like a motherboard, and when a person’s brain is free of past trauma and limiting beliefs — it can function at optimal health and is in balance, the rest of one’s body and life is able to fall into balance.

Kassandra is a Point of Origin igniter, wealth ecosystem cultivator, VR hypnotherapist, biofeedback, and the tokenized community wealth creator

She’s creating a movement for entrepreneurs to no longer sacrifice physical and mental health on the altar and create greener pasture with the Growth Guild Community — which is a tokenized community that is fused with the $SEED COIN that is the currency to help pioneers bridge from entrepreneur 4.0 to 5.0 — coming back to our point of origin so “we can go from trance to transcendence through ground-breaking, quantum energy and subconscious brain integrations with her Neuro-Nature Group Hypnotherapy Session”.

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Twitter: Kassandra (@kassandra_eth) / Twitter

Show highlights

12:48 — I think there’s a lot of confusion surrounding the difference between creator coins and NFTs. So as we know, if many people don’t know, and NFT is non-fungible, right? So NFTs are very unique. Creator coins can have the same value as others. So in a sense, the creator coins function like airline points.

25:10 — Never even two years ago, I wouldn’t have been like, f*** you can’t take a credit card away from people, but I’m like, oh, blockchain, you can, you know, trust the salience of. You can’t hide. It’s just like my biofeedback services. People are like, I’m like, sorry, can’t hide. So it’s, it sets up for nine for finance, especially, you know, we don’t want a big brother.

26:27 — There are markets that are underbanked. I remember I was in Vietnam just before the COVID lockdown. I paid for dinner with Bitcoin. There are plenty of restaurants, which will take Bitcoin that you transfer. I did it essentially as a novelty to try it, because I had Vietnamese cash on me at the time.

But the willingness of businesses over there due to an underbanked economy, and then you go to other third world countries, which have sizeable businesses in those. And they’re looking for real payment alternatives because taking us dollars in Africa is not practical for buying, supplies and cross border with American cash.

There are a million issues trying to do that. The markets that need financial services and underbanked markets are the ones that want to know about crypto immediately.

33:34 — You don’t need a whole heap of infrastructure or, or capital outlay, but it’s right for people with clever ideas to serve a problem in the market, such as exactly what you’ve done, or what civic ledger does with water rights. They’re solving pain points. So all I take away from this. Innovation starts from the bottom.

37:44 — People don’t wanna leave. And that is the responsibility of a coin creator. It is the responsibility of an NFT creator. This is not fun and games. This is about up-leveling your responsibility because everybody can see who’s coming in and out of your community. And if you’re not creating value, people will leave and you will rug your community.

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