How crypto can make housing affordable feat. Nick Shewring from Wonderlife

Nick Shewring is aspiring to replace the AirBnB phenonemon with the Wonderlife phenomenon, only rather than inflating the housing market, Wonderlife is aimed at making housing and coworking more accessible and egalitarian than ever before and it’s all possible thanks to blockchain technology and derivitive tokens.

In this episode, Nick Shewring talks to Michael Swan about how Wonderlife is addressing the need for affordable housing and co-working spaces through tokenization. By being focused on addressing the affordable living crisis via a new token-based model that offers rent to co-own property returns, Wonderlife provides a connected lifestyle, affordable living, and an accessible way to invest in property.

Listen to this episode to learn how blockchain technology is set to revolutionize how we live and work.

About Nick Shewring

Nick is the co-founder of new Web 3 startup Wonderlife and former co-founder of New Zealand coworking startup, Biz Dojo, the country’s largest networking and startup hub imagined as a space to nurture collaboration and connection with other entrepreneurs and changemakers.

After exiting Biz Dojo, Nick moved to Australia to make a positive impact on the water sector in his work with WaterStart and later GHD’s first online community for water utilities (AquaLAB), where he sought to connect water tech startups with funding and end customers.

Nick’s latest venture, Wonderlife, aims to cater to the modern paradigm of living and working. Wonderlife is a global community to live, work, and move within, an opportunity to have a sense of home without sacrificing a sense of adventure focused on addressing the affordable living crisis via a new token-based model that offers rent to co-own property returns.


Show highlights

14:17 I’ve been a Netflix customer and a Spotify customer from the very start. You know, I’ve been with Spotify for like, I don’t know, 10 plus years I’ve spent thousands of dollars on my monthly subscriptions.

I don’t own a single CD. I don’t own any music anymore. If I don’t pay that subscription for one month. I’ve lost access to my music. And so, I think one of the things for me, that’s most the most profound about blockchain and Web3 is this idea around my ownership of that data. And I think that’s really, really profound.

20:46 So if you land in Sydney or if you land in Brisbane or wherever you land in the world and you go, — hey, I really wanna see what’s happening on a storefront level with Web3, where would I go? I’d try and kind of wander around to maybe a few different co-working spaces, maybe some tech hub somewhere, but if we can actually create a thriving environment that actually can bring a lot of these facets together, people can actually start to see, well, what will the Web3 house look like 10 years from now?

37:33 You can get involved in crypto and not own Bitcoin. There are so many applications. And if you accept the premise of what we’re talking about here, and you look at the evidence over a decade, I mean, crypto and digital assets are not going away, you are gonna be faced with, with a point that you are going to have to change.

42:37 And as each of these markets get more and more commoditized, you sit there going, man, how are we gonna make money? Okay, we’re gonna have to let all of our staff go. We’re gonna have to replace ’em with bots.

Cool. You know, that’s one way to do it. What if you changed your entire relationship with your customer, where they benefit from your success and you benefit from their success? There’s more than enough money to go around.

47:56 I’ve said it a million times, just get your heads around what the opportunity is, cause the wave is coming, don’t be ready to move when it breaks, have a look at the opportunities.

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