Unido’s Enterprise-Grade Cryptocurrency Investment Tools Are Designed to Help Clients Manage Their Digital Assets

As more and more institutional players enter the cryptocurrency space, smart and performant investment tools will be needed to help these entities access decentralized capital markets. The Unido platform — with flexible governance, interoperability, and inbuilt security — can help them do just that.

Crypto-based enterprises and asset management firms face many challenges when it comes to accessing decentralized finance solutions and effectively managing their crypto assets. These challenges stem from issues with security, governance, and accessibility.

When Bitcoin passed the $30,000 milestone last year, JPMorgan analysts stated that the long-term value of the world’s first and favorite cryptocurrency could rally to as high as $146,000.

One year on, Bitcoin has continued to gain the interest of institutional investors, with a flood of individual, business, and enterprise-grade corporate entities entering the cryptocurrency space. The government has also followed suit, putting together crypto task forces and outlining clearer taxation and financial regulations regarding the sale, transfer, and use of crypto assets and tokens.

These developments are significant. First, they highlight the fact that the utility and value-added of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not simply a fad or trend but that these technologies are here to stay. They also prove that cryptocurrencies have real-world use cases that can bring transparency, efficiency, lower operating costs, and a host of other benefits to industries as disparate as healthcare, education, entertainment, governance, transportation, retail, advertising, research, and more.

This is why JPMorgan recently revealed its “Cryptocurrency Exposure Basket,” similar to a crypto ETF, that provides institutional investors investment avenues into the crypto space. The basket contains stocks of many prominent businesses tied to the cryptocurrency space, such as MicroStrategy, Square, Nvidia, PayPal, and Intercontinental Exchange.

Furthermore, the developments seen in crypto markets over the last year show that the future survival of businesses will require them to adopt and leverage new technologies if they hope to stay afloat in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. However, onboarding these businesses is easier said than done, and few solutions can help them make the leap that they know they must make sooner rather than later.

Enter Unido

This is where Unido comes in.

The biggest challenge faced by Bitcoin during the last 10 years was to establish its use-cases and viability. The next biggest challenge was getting institutional players to join the crypto revolution and having governments formalize cryptocurrency laws.

The next challenge? Connecting the flood of new market entrants — both retail as well as institutional players — to decentralized capital markets. The solution here cannot be an overly complex one; it must provide quick, easy, and secure installation and deployment with instant, plug-n-play functionalities that meet the strict governance and compliance standards required not just by elite institutions such as JPMorgan but the financial sector as a whole.

Unido can help overcome these issues. The platform is designed to provide enterprises with secure access to DeFi opportunities and to help them effortlessly manage their crypto banking operations. It comes with a proprietary dashboard through which users can access Unido’s suite of DeFi and crypto tools, as well as a DeFi vault that uses enterprise-grade security to store, manage, and invest crypto assets in an array of leading networks including UniSwap, Balancer, and Yearn Finance.

Unido recently partnered with Moonstake, one of the world’s largest validator staking pools that has more than $800 million in delegated assets, to give Unido users access to Moonstake’s validator pools for investment.

These efforts will create a pathway for enterprises and hedge funds to participate in the growing DeFi sector. Unido’s simple and secure integrations comply with industry standards and meet or exceed regulatory requirements and can be quickly deployed with minimum interference. It will prove to be instrumental in onboarding the next wave of major players to the crypto space and can help organizations such as JPMorgan and others reach the thousands of investors and clients they serve with instant access to DeFi investment baskets and other cryptocurrency investment options.

About Unido

Unido is an enterprise platform for decentralized capital markets. It enables institutions & corporate clients to securely store, manage and invest their crypto assets into decentralized finance networks. Unido is underpinned by proprietary key signing technology that provides enterprise-grade security for any transaction which utilizes it.

Founded in 2017 and with a market-ready product, Unido is led by an experienced team of ex-Goldman Sachs, ex-Macquarie and ex-Wipro with decades of experience in enterprise software development, financial services and agency blockchain development.

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Built on Polkadot and powered by $UDO token, Unido is building enterprise-grade solutions to give institutions better access to DeFi Markets.